Personal Training

Whatever your stage in life or your fitness goal, maybe you need some extra motivation or are just not sure where to start, Personal Training could be for you. Each session is bespoke to you allowing you to meet your personal goals.

Assessments are carried out during session 1 and at regular intervals including, goal setting, postural assessments, body composition measuring body fat, muscle tissue and water content, circumference measurements and baseline fitness tests specific to you.

Having specialised in Womens Health for a number of years and working with many women of varying fitness levels, ages, needs and contraindications I always ensure each session is varied and bespoke to each individual client.  Whilst most women are ready to work towards their fitness goals right from the start, some women are in a pain/movement cycle and require a different approach.  We work on slow steady movement patterns and have a very open dialog as to how each client is feeling. Others have been seen by our recommended Womens Health Physio Leila Holmes due to pelvic girdle, pelvic floor or other issues.

I’m a firm believer that in everyday life we Squat (sitting/standing from a chair), Push, Pull and bend to extend (picking something off the floor) therefore we need to be able to move in these varying patterns pain free and for life. I work in all areas of Womens Health Fitness and Wellbeing delving into nutrition, exercise and when needed working alongside and with the advice of other professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Womens Health Physio therapists.


Michelle has been a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist since 1999 qualifying with Premier Global and further progressed to a BSc (hons) in Sports and Exercise Science in 2015 as well as numerous qualifications in-between such as 3rd Age, Exercise to Music, Body Step, Body Pump, Spin, Circuits, Pregnancy and Post-Natal exercise, Back Care, Sports Massage, Pregnancy and postnatal massage,  also keep myself forever learning by attending yearly conventions.

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