Holistic Core Restore® – Everywoman

  ‘EVERYWOMAN’ pelvic floor and core is our unique and ground-breaking programme that Every-Woman should gift herself at least once in her lifetime. The programme consists of 6 weeks live education followed by 6 weeks online progression learning about your Pelvic Floor, Core, Nutrition and Womens Fitness and Wellness at whatever stage of life you’re in. The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.

Most dysfunction occurs during simple movements such as walking, stepping, jumping, sneezing and coughing. Holistic Core Restore® is designed to help women realize that purposeful MOVEMENT is the ultimate ‘friend’ of their Pelvic Floor and that Kegels ALONE are an entry level activity which need to be progressed to integrated movements. Very frequently those struggling from dysfunction are worried about movement therefore this leads to immobility which is detrimental to pelvic, physical and mental health.

Who is this programme for?

    • Everywoman who wants to know more about her pelvic floor and overall heath
    • Ladies who have experienced or are experiencing slight leaks when jumping, running, laughing, sneezing or coughing
    • Those suffering from a small diastasis (abdominal separation) that you want to heal
    • Women who would like to strengthen your core and re connect it to the rest of your body
    • Those suffering from lower back pain are often told it’s due to a weak core
    • Ladies who have been told by a clinician they have a low level prolapse and been told they need to strengthen their pelvic floor
    • For ladies wanting a global approach to pelvic floor and core rehabilitation including deep nutritional information and prioritising self care

How does it work?

Upon completion of a screening form you’ll meet with me to go through a hands on screening which includes core function tests so we know where you are in your road to recovery.

You’ll receive login details to our online portal which contains educational and homework videos as well as Nutritional guidelines which are essential to the success you get from the program.

You’ll then be all set to attend for your first session where you’ll receive your HCR Client Education Booklet and the items of fitness kit required for the course.

The course comprises of 6 live small group sessions where homework is to be completed and exercises progressed. There’s an option to continue the programme online for an additional 6 weeks to further improve.

When is the next course? Monday 15th November 2021, 7.15pm-8.15pm – Face to Face Tuesday 4th January 2022 – 7.15-8.15pm Online