4th Trimester

There’s a huge amount of confusion as to what Mums should and shouldn’t be doing in those early weeks and months post birth usually because all of the information we receive is directed towards the baby and in my experience Mums are left relatively unsupported.

The Holistic Core Restore®️ 4th trimester programme aims to redress the balance a little, helping Mums in the early postnatal period. Our focus is on:

  • NUTRITION to aid postnatal recovery
  • PELVIC FLOOR talk through pelvic floor exercises in detail to give you a greater level of understanding  and aid recovery
  • DIASTASIS check will be performed and advice given regarding abdominal separation and the best ways to repair in these early weeks
  • ACHES AND PAINS massage therapy can be used post birth bleeding to elevate problem areas, aches and pains that may have arisen during pregnancy and post birth to help you with your new job role
  • POSTURE AND LIFTING due to the repetitively physical demands on women’s body whilst they’re still recovering from birth optimal posture, feeding and lifting techniques will be discussed in detail

Whats involved?

We will meet and go through a hands on pre-screening questionnaire which includes core function tests, checking your Diastasis and the synergy between your breath and core, so we know where you are on your recovery and the advice given is bespoke to you taking into account nutrition, pelvic floor, diastasis and aches and pains.

4th Trimester

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