Post Natal Massage

Following pregnancy the demands on your body changes as your lifting, cradling, feeding, rocking, changing nappies and much more, all of this takes its toll. You may also be suffering from aches and pains experienced during pregnancy and finding new ones as your body adjusts to daily life. Areas of tenderness are commonly neck, back, shoulders which can all be helped though massage therapy, some release work and by discussing and tweaking everyday habits and postures its also important to take a little time out for you. Due to the postural changes that have occurred you may also be experiencing discomfort around the hips and lower back which is highlighted in the picture below.

During your appointment we will go through a full screening form, your posture will be assessed addressing any areas of tension,  abdominal checks for a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) will be carried out. I am also full qualified in C-section massage as this can have great benefits to surrounding tissue and reduce restrictions that may occur above and below the scar.


Postnatal Express Massage – Targeting problem areas such as neck, back and shoulders (£30 for 30 minutes)

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Remedial Postnatal Massage – Focusing on all of those niggly areas (£50 for 60 minutes)

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