Massage Therapies

Having trained ladies for years I was very aware of how restrictions within muscles and soft tissue affects movement. Massage therapy is key to moving smoothly, without restrictions or pain caused by tightness, poor posture, lifestyle habits and lack of mobility within areas of the body.

A combination of techniques such as Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Trigger point therapy are used to decrease restrictions and pain and increase fluidity within the soft tissue therefore improving mobility.

Having first undertaken a body massage and sports therapy qualification in 1999 I updated my skills by Qualifying in Sports Massage Therapy in 2018, these key qualifications have been key to helping clients:

*     Increase their flexibility and mobility

*     Improve posture

*     Reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation

*     Improve Diastasis Recti by aiding recovery

*     Improve circulation

*     Feel better

*     Reduce pain, tightness, niggles and irritation

So whether you’re a keen sports woman, regular exerciser or a postnatal Mum who has aches and pains and want to get some relief or maybe you’re noticing discomfort in your shoulders, back and neck from sitting at your desk then a course of massage treatments may be for you. A global approach is adopted looking at the whole body, how you move, stand and sit as well as asking about other areas of your lifestyle which may be contributing to areas of tension or pain. It’s not just about hands on treatment, exercises, stretches and postural habits will be discussed and prescribed to enhance your recovery.


Massage Therapy Single Massage Treatment
60 minute treatment = £50

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Massage Therapy Monthly
60 minute treatment = £45
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